Ever wonder where you can grab a healthy bite on campus? Our Dietitian, Nicole Fetterly, can help. Here’s a list of her top ten healthy campus eats!

1. Veggie Pesto Wrap

Located at Caffè Perugia.

Experience the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet with heart-healthy olive oil and garlic-dressed veggies.

2. Sushi

Located at Bento.

Handcrafted sushi, made fresh daily at UBC by specially trained chefs.

3. Tuxedo Orzo Salad

Located at Hungry Nomad food truck.

This Mediterranean dish will make your heart and your tastebuds happy. Filled with veggies and herbs to give you loads of disease-fighting antioxidants.

4. Well-being Lunch Boxes

Our new line-up of Boxed and Platter lunches from Wescadia Catering, chef-designed and dietitian-approved to get you out of your sandwich rut.

Choose from Grilled Veggies, Chicken Souvlaki, Grilled Salmon and more. Each with two salads and pita. Make your meeting or event as healthy as can be to keep participants performing at their best.

5. Strawberry Salad

Located at Mercante.

This specialty salad has enough nutrients and flavour to carry you through to your next meal.

6. Roasted Chicken

Located at Ike’s and Caffè Perugia.

Hearty and healthy, the roasted 1/4 chicken is a UBC classic and campus favourite.

7. Cashew Salad

Located at It’s About Thai.

Mmm…toasted cashews! Fresh veggies, nuts and a little spice make this a great lunch that’s packed with flavour.

8. Grilled Sockeye Salmon

Located at School of Fish.

Find this food truck and dive right in! Serving 100% Ocean Wise™ certified seafood entrées.

9. Black Bean Veggie Burger

Located at The Point Grill 

Casual dining at its finest! This plant-based patty is packed with protein. Have the side salad in lieu of fries.

10. UBC Farm Fresh Veggies

Located at Sage Restaurant.

Every day Sage gets a delivery of delicious and as local-as-can-be farm veggies. They vary through the season, and no matter what’s available our fabulous chef, Luke Willingdon, turns them into wonderful salads, sides and centrepieces. Enjoy some Pacific Razor Clams while you’re there.

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